Switched From ‘Trending’ to ‘Explore’ Tab: YouTube will Highlight More Content Categories

YouTube industry has been known for being at a blooming stage; they have been experimenting quite a bit with their updates. Youtube is replacing the ‘Trending’ tab with the ‘Explore’ tab to show more content categories to the users.

This feature is supposed to broaden the discovery area for the users. Youtube has been testing this feature since 2018 so that more and more people tap on different topics and discover other content.

Other features that this platform offered were Stories at the top of the screen to highlight the topics. The idea behind this feature is that more people can come across different YouTube content and explore different genres other than the one they like.

This seems like a good addition as the usage number will be able to tell if this is a Hit or a Miss feature for YouTube. Not just this, it will also help in generating more interest in different content categories by the users. Other than this, YouTube is also planning to add “Creator’s on the Rise’ & “Artist on the Rise” tags to highlight upcoming creators.


“YouTube says that the Explore update is rolling out over the next few days across mobile and tablet devices (both Android and iOS).”