SEO in 2020: What Will Be Your SEO Strategy in 2020?

Is your website ready for SEO in 2020?


Taking your business online is great but what good is it if you’re not reaching your target audience through the correct search engine mediums? Anyone who has even the smallest amount of knowledge about internet marketing or even internet in general will be able to tell you this –

Your audience is ONLINE, get to them before your competitor does!


The big question that arises here is ‘HOW’? How does one target the audience through search engines that have zillions of websites on them? How do you make it to the top? How to make website rank high in search engines? Since we’re almost approaching the year 2020, it only seems sane, to check out the top SEO strategy in 2020 or even in general, the scenario of SEO in 2020.


  1. Featured Snippets

One of the strategies for SEO in 2020 is expected to surround around the incorporation of ‘Snippet-worthy content’. The ‘Position 0’ on Google Search Results is often found to be a Featured Snippet of the most appropriate organic result. It must be noted, that Featured Snippets deliver the highest traffic for sites that are not even in the top ranks on the SERP!


  1. Artificial Intelligence

Another one of the core SEO strategy in 2020 would be (as per the continuing trends) Artificial Intelligence. In 2017, Google became an AI first company and has been since incorporating different techniques to work in tandem with AI-equipped devices!


  1. Voice Searches

Did you know, by the year 2020, more than 50 per cent of all Google searches are expected to be Voice dominated? Many of us even have voice search devices at home to make our lives easier. So why not optimize your websites too to match that growing trend?


  1. Video Content

Another factor to dominate the search engine optimization strategies in 2020 would be the increased focus on videos as a primary source of information. This comes as no surprise especially when the world is turning towards Netflix, Amazon, and other mediums as against the good old television.


  1. CTR + Dwell Time Metrics

A good combination result of CTR + Dwell Time clearly demonstrates how well your website relates to the audience. It thus easily translates into a top SEO strategy for 2020, where working on your website’s content + deliverability + speed + overall appeal continues to remain at the top of SEO in 2020 list.


  1. Mobile UX

Answer this – Mobile or Desktop? Research shows more than 88 per cent of web searches are conducted on smartphones! Thus, having a shabby mobile UX will no longer be ‘acceptable’ or ‘ignorable’ from SEO perspectives.


  1. Website Speed

In times of 5G and optic fibre speeds, can you really afford to have your website load time be more than 2 seconds? A delayed website load is a big NO for SEO strategy in 2020. A slow website would soon equal unworthy resource in the dictionary of a millennial.


  1. User Safety SEO strategy in 2020

Is your website safe for your users? This is one question that every business owner with a website must ask their web developers! Over the years there have been way too many reports of website data being stolen leaving the general public vulnerable. Thus, for a good SEO strategy, having a safe website is one of the key parameters.


  1. Influencer Connect

Social media platforms are increasingly changing from being all about connecting with people to all about influencers and brand marketing. Thus, having an influencer on your side promoting your product will help go a long way in terms of not only brand reach, but also search quantities for your brand name.


What many people misunderstand about Search Engine Optimization is believing that it is all about using the right word keywords. However, many of the most ignored aspects depend on the term ‘Optimization’ and what it truly means for SEO. SEO is all about optimizing your content and your brand tricks in a way that it reaches more audience through the medium of Search Engines! It is in no way limited to keywords alone. The year 2020 is expected to bring with it a huge number of changes and innovations in the field of digital marketing. Thus, keeping yourself abreast of all the updates till now will only help you adjust better for the upcoming trends and updates. So, while a lot more is expected next year, these are the top 9 points to consider for SEO strategy in 2020!