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Pay-Per-click advertising is an effective online advertising tactic that gives an instant speed to online businesses. Through PPC advertising campaign, online businesses gains higher visibility on search engines and attracts the target customers hence creating an instant impact. Approximately, 50% Visitors tend to make purchase through PPC Ad.

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The team of Digital Xplode carefully and strategically drafts every PPC Ad campaign keeping in mind the dire requirement of the clients. To make every Ad campaign successful and worth investing, our experts magnificently research day in and day out to get the relevant data in order to understand the algorithm. Then, our programmer-analyst diverts or bring relevant & potential customers based on their search behavior to your ad that land to your digital product display on website. We not only ensure enough engagement on your website but also create brand-recall value. Brand promotion and sales can be triggered together resulting in remarkable ROI.

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Search Advertising also called as Google advertising helps in placing your online advertisement on the web pages whenever the search query is made relevant to your business. Search Advertising gives you high ROI and fast results. Our team efficiently work in making the cost-effective Search Ad Campaign for the clients with complete success rate.


Have you ever came across on the most appealing visual graphics that compelled you to click on it? That is where the Banner or Display Ads comes. Banner Ad is the most popular form of advertising over the web. Banner ads hold the power of generating needs of that displayed product leading the potential buyer to your website. Our experts make sure that use of text & image used in the ad are intriguing enough to get a click on it.


Ever wondered why a similar ad is following you wherever you go on the net? Like a strong telecom network of your smart phone? The magic of AI when it comes to creativity, ensures an increase in your presence. Our experts ensures that your budget is well-utilized affecting the buying behavior of the customer. Report says that remarketing is capable of increasing sale by 50-60% hence makes Re-marketing an unavoidable digital practice to be used- A must to have.

Shopping Ads

These are the Shopping Ads also called PLA Ads which you see on your screen displaying with market price. This is a smarter way to list your product to promote your service or goods directly. Our team uses their core expertise in placing the right ad while the searches are registered on search-engines. Google Reports confirm that PLA provide 26%-30% higher conversion rate than that of text-based ad. Hence, the Google Ads can be cost effective when used with due diligence.


With the increasing usage of smartphones, Mobile Advertising has witnessed a mounting growth over the years. Mobile Advertising is an effective advertising method that targets the wider audience enhancing the reach and visibility. Our team understands the Mobile usage behaviour and pattern of the customer so to get the best results.

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