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Pay-Per-click advertising is an effective online advertising tactic that gives an instant speed to online businesses. Through PPC advertising campaign and PPC Services, online businesses gains higher visibility on search engines and attracts the target customers hence creating an instant impact. Approximately, 50% Visitors tend to make purchase through PPC Ad.

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The team of Digital Xplode carefully and strategically drafts every PPC Ad campaign keeping in mind the dire requirement of the clients. To make every Ad campaign successful and worth investing, our experts magnificently research day in and day out to get the relevant data in order to understand the algorithm. Then, our programmer-analyst diverts or bring relevant & potential customers based on their search behavior to your ad that land to your digital product display on website. We not only ensure enough engagement on your website through our PPC Services but also create brand-recall value. Brand promotion and sales can be triggered together resulting in remarkable ROI.

We believe in results and we convert it as well!

Our Services Includes


Search Advertising Services also called as Google advertising helps in placing your online advertisement on the web pages whenever the search query is made relevant to your business. Search Advertising Services gives you high ROI and fast results. Our team efficiently work in making the cost-effective Search Ad Campaign for the clients with complete success rate.


Have you ever came across on the most appealing visual graphics that compelled you to click on it? That is where the Banner or Display Ads comes. Banner Ad is the most popular form of advertising over the web. Our Banner Advertising services hold the power of generating needs of that displayed product leading the potential buyer to your website. Our experts make sure that use of text & image used in the ad are intriguing enough to get a click on it.


Ever wondered why a similar ad is following you wherever you go on the net? Like a strong telecom network of your smart phone? The magic of AI when it comes to creativity, ensures an increase in your presence. Our experts ensures that your budget is well-utilized affecting the buying behavior of the customer. Report says that remarketing is capable of increasing sale by 50-60% hence makes Re-marketing an unavoidable digital practice to be used- A must to have pay per click advertising.

Shopping Ads

These are the Shopping Ads also called PLA Ads which you see on your screen displaying with market price. This is a smarter way to list your product to promote your service or goods directly. Being the google adwords agency, our team uses their core expertise in placing the right ad while the searches are registered on search-engines. Google Reports confirm that PLA provide 26%-30% higher conversion rate than that of text-based ad. Hence, the Google Ads can be cost effective when used with due diligence.


With the increasing usage of smartphones, Mobile Advertising has witnessed a mounting growth over the years. Mobile Advertising is an effective advertising method that targets the wider audience enhancing the reach and visibility. Our team understands the Mobile usage behaviour and pattern of the customer so to get the best results. Hence, choose pay per click advertising to get an edge.

Our Process!

Allow Us to Increase the Number of Leads on Your Website.


Your search for PPC Services, called Pay per Click Management services, has ended. Our team of PPC experts guarantees you 100% result-oriented campaigns.

We work with a team of experienced professionals to help your company rank high in Search Engine Optimization services. Advertising designers create advertisements to instantly connect with the need for which they were made. We develop Google Ads services that are relevant enough for your brand to sell on the world’s most popular search engine. Our soul moto is creating advertisements that can provide the client double revenue per click. We offer expert Google Ads Management services with real-time results. We offer the best search Advertising services.

We create highly creative and effective advertisements, as well as powerful and relevant landing pages, with the assistance of a full-stack design and development team to enhance the metrics of our PPC campaign management services, resulting in a high ranking for your website as we have the best Google ad consultant for your need. We analyze and identify the best keywords to be the foundation of a successful campaign. We incentivize the Google AdWords management platform to provide the best rating for each keyword, resulting in a more efficient investment.

Why use PPC?


PPC advertising is a powerful online marketing tool most commonly associated with Google. Every time someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser must pay a fee to the search engine, giving PPC its true meaning of pay-per-click marketing. Users looking for specific products and services are likelier to click on the advertisements. Our PPC expert in Texas personnel’s primary goals as your dependable Google ads service are generating leads, increasing sales, and promoting brand awareness in real-time.

We discover what people are looking for and how you can target them with experts working on your goals, doing us the best PPC service!

PPC marketing campaigns can help you expand your reach.


Pay per Click services has always been one of the most important aspects of making your website stand out from the online competition. Put your best foot forward while you pay for advertisements. This is where Google’s advertising services come into play! We offer the finest Google Shopping Ads services. If you own your eCommerce site, contact us.

Use specific keyword analysis tools to broaden your Keyword Treasure Scour for the best keywords. Keep an eye out for keywords your competitors are ranking high for, and target the ones with less competition but are still relevant as searched by the masses. We look for wrong keywords that aren’t undertaking well but could result in a high cost per lead as we are among the best-Paid search agency. We also removed any negative keywords that may harm ad clicks.

Why use PPC?


PPC advertising is a powerful online marketing tool most commonly associated with Google. Every time someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser must pay a fee to the search engine, giving PPC its true meaning of pay-per-click marketing. Users looking for specific products and services are likelier to click on the advertisements. Our PPC expert in Texas personnel’s primary goals as your dependable Google ads service are generating leads, increasing sales, and promoting brand awareness in real-time.

We discover what people are looking for and how you can target them with experts working on your goals, doing us the best PPC service!

The key is geo-targeting.


We target your Pay per click Advertising with geographic-specific locations for all products and services based on distance reports, lowering campaign costs while raising ROI.

Renew the Landing Pages
Landing pages are the conversion points for your prospects and require constant upkeep. Search engine optimization services allow for an optimized and well-designed landing page with good call-to-action copy and A/B testing, making your PPC strategies stand out from the crowd as we are the best Pay per Click Company.

Take a back seat and rely on expert PPC services. Take advantage of the brilliant strategies that will take your clients from awareness to conversions in no time!

If you are serious about targeting online customers for your products or services, Google AdWords Agency should be a part of your internet marketing strategy. Google AdWords management is online advertising that allows you to reach out to specific customers and drive significant traffic to your website. Google AdWords services will enable you to create custom advertisements, which is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness. Advertisements are displayed based on what someone is looking for, assisting you in meeting your goal of interacting with a relevant audience.

Pay Per Click advertising generates immediate traffic by placing you at the top of search engine results pages. It not only keeps your website in front of the right people but also supplements your existing SEO strategies. We, as a top Google AdWords Agency, offer effective PPC services. We are an experienced team of professionals eager to collaborate with leading business firms, startups, and entrepreneurial ventures.

We are also regarded as the best PPC Company, assisting you in developing your personalized long-term marketing strategy. On the one hand, whereas Pay per click management in Texas can provide immediate results and visitors, Google Ads services assist you in gaining organic traffic over time. We can help you develop an inbound marketing strategy that organically promotes your product and drives traffic within a specified time frame as we are the best PPC Advertising Agency.
Our services help increases customer trust in your product and help it reach a wider audience as we have the best PPC expert in Texas. Our client-centric approach focuses solely on the customers’ needs and ensures that user demands are implemented effectively as we are the best PPC Management company. Our team members have extensive experience and the necessary expertise for the job.

Keep Up with the Times

The world of paid advertising is constantly changing. As a result, keeping up with best practices is brutal. When you work with a PPC agency like us, they will be able to assist you in keeping up with the changes. They’ll know what works in a variety of agencies and will be able to apply their findings to your campaigns. Furthermore, because a Google AdWords agency comprises an entire team, you will receive diverse perspectives and expertise as we have one of the best Google Ad Specialists. You only get one angle if your in-house team has one PPC manager. We offer the best eCommerce PPC management services.

Professional Keyword Selection


Choosing the right keywords to bid on is one of the most important aspects of PPC advertising services. When new to PPC marketing services, it’s easy to bid incorrectly on the wrong keywords. How do you know where to begin if you’ve never done keyword research? Our PPC expert in Texas will know precisely how to handle this, ensuring you get the desired results. If you are searching for Advertising Agency near me then you should stop searching we are here to help you as we are the best PPC company.

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Hey! We value your investment and that is why we have
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business growth at the most economical cost.

Founder – AMEC

I just wanted to tell you that I know we hit a few rough patches, but I am so proud of my website. To be able to send people the link and let the site take care of everything that I used to have to do is phenomenal. I can’t help but to keep sending out the link, because this is what I have dreamed about for a very long time. Thank you so much for being patient and ultimately helping me to achieve my vision for my business. Here is to a long and successful partnership between STBI and Digital Xplode



For me and my business, Digital Xplode has been a tremendous partner. Not only did they help us put engaging content on our website and social media sites, they also helped us convert traffic, and since we began with them, we have seen a big development. Digital Xplode is an outstanding digital marketing company. They are extremely professional and easy to work with. The team of Digital Xplode is completely proficient and skilled in their core areas. I highly recommend their digital marketing services. Kudos to our partnership!

Vice president – ILAM INDIA

There are many agencies which are providing websites and SEO but what we chose is the one who not only understands your product but is equally concerned about its growth. ICRI and DIGITAL XPLODE has developed a strong association over a period of time. Our website is the face of the organization which is highly interactive and sorted that has reduced our bounce rate drastically. It all happened when the dots were connected by DX. I do not want to address as our digital agency though the “Technology Partner” is the right intro.



To grow and to sustain any business approach you need people who are in sync with your strategies. The interface of your website is undoubtedly important to meet market expectations and sustain competition. Our numbers speak for this result oriented team and growth driven website delivered and maintained by DX

Owner – Innova Swiss Beaute / Quantum Bio Med Farms / Innova Swiss Med

Website market is huge & to find the ones that can gel up with your vision & needs is tough. It’s perfect to say that Digital Xplode has delivered as promised.There team & coordination had made my online business as smooth & simple as it can get.Plus working around as per my timings is another added advantage you get while working with DX.On the top of it, I had referred Digital Xplode to many of my associates for there issues as well & not once have they let down on there deliverables. This company is going places. Wish them all the Luck !


So incredibly helpful and goes above and beyond. I would refer anyone to DXPL, they are handling end to end online presence for my brand & I must say “they are amazing” 🙂

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