5 Must-have things to Rank on Google

Today if anyone needs any kind of information, they just visit Google and type their query. You as a business or website owner would want that when a user searches anything related to your business, your website shows up top in the results, right? Everyone wants it and hence there’s a tough competition for each keyword.
SEO will help you beat this competition. Once you optimize your content by using the strategies of SEO that is, Search Engine Optimization, your website will be able to show up at the top of search results. So, let’s go through some of these must-have SEO strategies which will help you rank on Google.

  1. Security of your website. In the year 2014 Google officially added the use of “HTTPS” in your domain as a ranking factor. Here “s” simply means secured website. Your website will be by default HTTP which you have to make HTTPS. HTTPS is a transfer protocol same as HTTP but it’s secured which appears when it has an SSL certificate.
  2. Real search intent. It was important to satisfy the users by providing them with the exact information they searched for. So, whenever you’re planning any content, understand the intent of the user. Once you understand the user’s intent and purpose, you will easily find a proper keyword that will help you rank on Google. Start to use the micro-niche keywords which will prove to be more accurate and satisfactory for the users.

Keyword research is the key process to ranking top in Google. So, don’t risk it and look for a local SEO agency Noida. Our team of SEO experts will put all their efforts to acquire the best keywords. We’ll first study your business thoroughly and work accordingly to get you a good-quality, converting traffic.

  1. Updated content. Content freshness is also one of the ranking signals of Google. Go to the Google Search Console and look for those posts whose keywords are ranking but the blog isn’t ranking because of the old content.
  2. Page experience. If you’re planning to buy any electronic gadget or a car you’ll buy it from a store that provides the best services and the one which is easily reachable, right? In the same way, all the consumers visiting your website also look for a good page experience.

If your website has less loading time, more interactivity, visual stability, mobile-friendliness, safety in browsing, etc then the page experience of the user will alleviate.
A local SEO company in Noida can also help you manage all the factors promoting a good page experience so that the consumers will visit the page every time you post.

  1. Good profile on Google My Business. Google Maps isn’t just for figuring out how to get from one point to another. It’s a very valuable marketing tool for getting business to pop up in Google search results. If someone in your business’s local area is searching for something you sell Google maps can potentially display your business first in the results. How? What matters when it comes to Google Maps marketing is an informative Google My Business profile.

To make your local business game stronger we also provide Google maps marketing in Noida. We will help you build an accurate Google My Business profile so that your business appears first in the search results of your business area.

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