LinkedIn Advertising: Your Business Needs This Right Now

There has been a lot of positive and negative comments when it comes to LinkedIn Advertising when it is compared to Facebook or Twitter. Number 1 reason why LinkedIn Advertising is not working for your business is probably not using it accurately. These days small and medium-sized businesses take the help of social media agencies in Texas to reach more & more potential clients/customers.


All big, small, and medium-sized businesses have their presence on LinkedIn to connect with like-minded people. From influential people to job seekers, you find them all. When looking for SMO Services in Texas, make sure you incorporate LinkedIn Advertising to reach more people. Creating a LinkedIn campaign is not as similar to what we do on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


There are 5 steps that you need to follow when running a self-service ad campaign on LinkedIn.


Before starting with the campaign, you need to have a campaign manager account. Even if you don’t have one, you can easily create one where you can set a budget, goals and have complete control over the campaign. To make your experience much easier, you can also find a digital marketing company in Houston.

Let’s see what it takes to create a result-generating campaign:


Understand & Select Your Objective: Before starting a campaign, make sure you have a clear goal and objective in mind. You need to be ‘Sure’ about whether you need website visits, engagement, views, brand awareness, lead generation, or website conversion.

The goals you chose will determine your campaign experience. This stage is highly crucial to your campaign’s future result.


Choose Your Targeting Criteria Right: In this stage, you choose your audience type by selecting various categories as per your interest like company size, name, member school, interest, groups, skills, job position, and even job title.

Targeting helps in reaching your desired set of people and not just anyone and everyone. This also helps in getting better engagement and a higher chance of conversion rates.


Select Your LinkedIn Ad Format: LinkedIn provides various ad formats that you can choose from. These formats are Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, or just a mixture of all four.


Let us give you a brief about what each type of ad format has stored for you!

  • Sponsored Content- Sponsored content ads are just what it sounds like. This type of ad comes in three different formats through which you can reach a highly engaged audience across different devices. It is great for creating brand awareness & generating leads.
  • Message Ads- This type of ad is great for reaching prospects on LinkedIn via messaging. You can have a direct professional conversation. It is great for driving stronger engagement as well as receive immediately from your target.
  • Dynamic Ad- This ad format helps you personalizing LinkedIn advertising for each target audience. You can choose to promote your company, job postings, or any other feature.
  • Text Ad- This is similar to Google ads. It operates on a pay-per-click basis or impression, whichever you have set. However, this is considered boring for a social platform.

Measure Your Campaign: While you have created your ad, you can always track your campaigns, overall impression, budget, impression, and many more. Actions are initiated by LinkedIn members who interact with the content completely organic. The best digital marketing services in Texas always suggest brands get LinkedIn Advertising done to get a better reach.

It is important to keep an eye on your campaign’s performance for you to make as much profit as possible. Make sure your campaign is going in the right direction to achieve the set goals. In case you find it difficult to understand, you can always take the help of digital marketing services in Austin.