10 Digital Marketing Ideas that will help your Business Amidst the Monster (Covid-19)

Ever since the coronavirus took the world by storm, businesses in all sectors are being affected. Still, there is hope on the horizon. Even though businesses are trying to recover from taking consecutive losses, there is yet a lot of damages that needs to be fixed.

With extensive cancellations everywhere, this is a difficult time for everyone. While it may be enticing to tighten the reins on your advertising budget in the midst of worries about another looming downturn, stopping spending right now could have a much more devastating effect on your future chances for recovery. Rather, advertisers should call upon their trustworthy business partners to decide how to turn their leads into consumers, regardless of whether they are still on their customer’s priority list.

At Digital Xplode, we have been keeping a close eye on all our client’s requirements and queries about the coronavirus concerns and respond accordingly. We believe in providing marketing strategies that can help reach new limits.

Changes you need to make in your Business:

  1. Modify & Adjust your Business Model: When it comes to an online business, there are a lot of things to kept in mind to get positive results. It is important for websites to generate traffic which will eventually help in gaining ROI. Here are a few changes that we make sure are done for the growth of our clients:
  • Optimizing website thoroughly.
  • Regular update on Social media accounts for accurate and updated information for your potential clients.
  • Improving website user experience that will increase conversion for your website.
  • Researching on forms of paid advertising to generate traffic.
  • Working hard on unique and catchy email marketing campaigns.
  • Focusing more on video marketing to stand out in the crowd.
  1. Revaluating Campaigns: Due to coronavirus, we have seen a lot of delayed or suspended marketing campaigns. As some brands have currently redirected towards digital marketing due to their need pivot and generate revenue. Companies in various areas like online learning, healthcare, commercial cleaning, real estate, and insurance providers have experienced a huge spike in demand. They should know how searches are evolving and how important is it to deliver the right message and content to the target audience.
  2. An Alternative to Live Shows: Due to Covid-19, it is nearly impossible to organize a show for a live audience, digital marketing agencies like Digital Xplode is now utilizing a few alternatives that can still grab your potential customer’s attention:
  • Hosting a virtual trade show.
  • Focusing more on video content and share it with your audience.
  • Organize webinars and host educational sessions.
  • Invite guests to contribute to your client’s different social media platforms in the form of a podcast, guest blogs, videos, etc.
  • Reach out more people or demonstrate your product or service on Live streaming.
  1. Communication with clients & customers: One thing that will help you keep your old customers or clients is staying in touch with them. Be there for your customers on all your social media platforms. At Digital Xplode, we have a team that helps our client’s customers with their queries and feedback. These are the most frequent questions we see:
  • Did the change affect the business?
  • Is your organization maintaining distance?
  • The procedure of cancellation and refund.
  • What types of things can they expect from you soon?

You, as a digital marketer, should always be ready for any kind of crisis communication and have simple ideas to solve it instantly.

  1. Staying on top of your customer’s priority list: Regardless of whether your clients are accepting new business at this moment or not, you can remain at the top of their priority list. While this pandemic has just significantly affected the economy, your organization despite everything has a lot of chances to be there for your clients and possibilities through any emergencies. In the event that you need assistance arranging your best course of action or returning to your promoting structure because of the coronavirus emergency, we’re here to help.


  1. Pay Per Click is a smart move at this point in time: With more people at home and online, it’s an incredible open door for businesses to utilize PPC marketing to connect with their clients and add an upper hand. It is an incredible opportunity to set aside some cash inside your advanced marketing budget. This offers your business one more opportunity to gather up that lost piece of the pie from others pulling back during this time.


  1. Get ready for a Bounce-Back surge: As we know that the coronavirus flare-up may hopefully get better within a couple of months. That is when commonality returns and customers’ ways of managing money balances out. Be sure to keep in mind that the SEO campaign is a marathon not a sprint. What you do today for your SEO will influence your natural pursuit of traffic two to three months from now. Delaying your SEO battle currently could detrimentally affect your income expected 30 to 90 from now.


  1. Convert crisis into an opportunity: During this questionable timeframe, you have the chance to show support for your client base by offering unique limits that will keep your income streaming. Distinguish your products/services with an uncommon offer. It is an incredible method to draw in with your clients and keep a constant flow of income that will keep your entryways open. You can push out your unique proposals through pay-per-click (PPC) publicizing and internet-based life.


  1. Just like local SEO, online reviews too matter a lot: Another approach to support your local SEO during this time is to not disregard the significance of including positive reviews. During the coronavirus, online reviews can make or break your business. To give the correct help or item for individuals during the time of crisis— when they need it most during this COVID-19 pandemic — is probably going to be rewarded with a sparkling survey.


  1. It is not the time to panic: Panicking during this time is not going to help your business. To implement a smart digital marketing strategy, all you need to do is avoid fear. With the help of analytics and metrics put yourself in your customers shoes and make the decision accordingly.


As the CEO of a Texas-based digital marketing agency, I would like to conclude that this time can work in a positive way for your business if strategized appropriately. Digital platforms have a lot of power to influence your customer’s needs. Just to be sure, adjust your marketing plans and strategies through ways that can help your business reach potential clients but do not forget your existing ones. With new ideas and approaches, you can definitely reach new heights!