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Online presence plays a huge role in how you are perceived by not only your consumers but those within your circle as well, it is extremely important to manage your reputation online.

With businesses getting extremely competitive, it is quite common to witness false rumors, misleading facts, or fake allegations and reviews cropping up on the internet with the sole objective of tarnishing your reputation. This is where we, as one of the pioneers of online reputation management in India, jump in to protect your digital identity from your competitors and ill-wishers.

A bad reputation hampers every business and tarnishes its image. There is a misconception about Reputation Management where it is linked solely with Social Media, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, but Reputation Management is not only related to what we hear or understand, it is mainly about controlling of malicious Content/Negative Videos, Blogs etc. At Digital Xplode , we are the pioneers and so we understand this very well and we help people from all walks of life be it corporates, individuals, politicians and even retailers in managing their Reputation Online.

At DIGITAL XPLODE, we follow a different approach

Here’s how we do it.

  • 1. Tracking & Monitoring of new negative contents.
  • 2. Suppression of Negative Contents/Videos/Blogs.
  • 3. DE indexing of the Negative links.
  • 4. Permanent Cleaning of Negative Contents/Videos/Blogs.

We reduce the visibility of negative content off from the first 3 pages (primary) of Google Search Engine as well as Yahoo, Bing controlling all the related relevant keywords. ORM Services are designed as per the client’s requirements which are cost effective.

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